Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Hey Ppl,
Seems like only yesterday that I met you guys.But its difficult to believe that I have already spent 11 months in this place. Who could have imagined that life at work would be such fun. All you guys....Sapna, Dave, Anu, Sahil, Minal,Pdip,Nishi,Jo,and Tarun made my days at L10 so fantastic that it hurts to leave.
And a lot of credit goes to Nishi for actually bringing us together. Of course 4th of Jan is a memorable day(modesty just went out of the window..).
Although each one of us were planning to leave this place as soon as it became evident that peanuts and incentives were synonymous in this company, the pangs of separation hit us only when Sahil and Pdip left us. Multicasts without you guys were just not fun anymore. Of course we also did miss Nishi's witty one-liners and Anu's "Myself..Anurag...".
Minal followed soon enough. Now it’s only me, blabber mouth, Mr. Casanova, and Jo. Come 19th, and Tarun will be free to flirt with.. you know who. Of course Dave will have one less casualty to torment, but I am sure there are enough fish in the sea.
To end this blog here is a li’l something. A quote by somebody who’s name Google would probably throw up when it is searched for famous jabberers of the 20th century.

“It’s not the number of friends you have that ever counts
It’s the number of friends you can count on
So, even if you have friends very few
Be to them forever true”
-David Antony